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Bodet Sigma Master clocks


The Bodet Sigma master clocks are modular master clocks and are part of the Bodet Sigma series. The smart master clock can synchronize a time distribution network, wireless or wired.

In addition, the mother clocks have built-in relays for controlling buzzers, lighting, alarm etc.


The Bodet master clock can synchronize a network of wireless and wired clock systems, signaling devices and a relay for an alarm. Access to the programming is protected by an access code. After a power failure, the time distribution system is automatically reset, a backup of the schedule in the flash memory and a lithium battery ensure that the internal clock continues to run. The mother clocks automatically switch summer and winter time.


On the front you will find a clear, illuminated LCD display, on which the date, hour, minute and second can be read. Below it are two LED indicators for power and alarm and the necessary user-friendly push buttons. The housing of the Bodet Sigma series master clocks is made of ABS and the master clock has an IP value IP41


Bodet offers a similar Mother Clocks especially for mounting in 19 inch racks. In the Bodet Sigma series, various accessories are offered for the Sigma series: DCF antennas, GPS antennas, extra relays.

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