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STYLE II 5S Standalone Quartz

STYLE II 5S Standalone Quartz

SKU: 946211
VAT Included |

Description Style 5S
The STYLE 5S is an LED wall clock with 5 cm digits, displaying seconds as well as hours and minutes. It also offers the option of an alternating display: time and date, week number or temperature.

Optional timer and countdown functions available via a timer keypad.

Mainly designed for administrative and healthcare institutions, but also suitable for offices and meeting rooms.

Optimal reading: 20 m
Height figures: 5 cm
Dimensions hxw: 106 x 368 mm
Time division: DHF, NTP (Ethernet, Wi-Fi), AFNOR, impulses
Reading angle: 120 °
Weight: 0.37 kg
Waterproof (IP55): no
Flush mounting: yes

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