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Bodet Nedklok Style II 7 met seconden

Bodet Nedklok Style II 7 met seconden

VAT Included |

The Style 7S guarantees you accurate time display with seconds. And we haven't just stopped working on time precision - to help you with optimal time management, we've also added a stopwatch / timer. This feature allows you to manage speaking time in meetings, measure time spent on a task, track processes, start event countdowns and much more.

Technical features
Optimal viewing distance: 30 m
Screen height: 70mm (hours / minutes), 50mm (seconds)
H x L dimensions: 140 x 418 mm
Time division: DHF, NTP (Ethernet, Wi-Fi), AFNOR, impulse, ALS162 / DCF
Reading angle: 120 °
Weight: 1.5 kg
Waterproof (IP55): no
Buildable: yes

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